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Visual Arts

Nameless 01 (2019).jpg

Hiding in plain (and colourful) sight

Artivism: How art meets activism in one artist’s vast series of faceless portraits.


Before the

Shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we reached out to Kagalovska — a painter, fashion designer, and creative entrepreneur based in Kyiv

From _After Dark_.jpg

After Dark | Light, Reality, and Heterotopia

“Canadian culture seems to value vacation more than work. I have an impression that Japan is a workaholic.”



Showcasing the female perspective within the tattoo industry

Showcasing the female perspective within the tattoo industry, while exploring the categorization of tattoo artists and their work.




Remix1_Shanna Fortier6.JPG

When Art Goes Up, Walls Come Down

“When we create murals that include important themes like diversity and social justice..."


2 __ Tony Taylor _ Courtesy of the artist.jpeg

Toronto artist with a unique take on portraiture

"People often say my version of
the Queen as a corgi is
quite flattering."

3 - Courtesy of MoCA - Artist - AJones1.jpeg

MoCA’S take on contemporary art 

A selection of new media, mixed with skewed traditional techniques, delivering a spectrum of contemporary visual art in the city.

Gordon Shadrach.png

An exploration of the semiotics of clothing, gaze, and black expression.

Toronto-based visual artist confronts racist ideology, sexuality, and Black stereotypes through his striking portraits of Black males.

4 _ From ME AS HAPPENING.jpg

Cahn, makes her North American debut at Toronto’s Power Plant

“Cahn leaves the audience’s feelings to the audience, as what we see may not be what we feel.”

Van Gogh pipe by Jeremy Lewis_edited.png

Separating tall tales from truth in the case of van Gogh’s ill-fated ear

Do fans agree on which ear was afflicted, the method of removal, who received it, and just how much flesh was torn asunder?

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