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Nick Lee - Cleveland

How does it feel being a staff member and a resident artist at the same exhibit?

In the summer of 2021, I searched for a long time for a job that would be creative and fulfilling to me, a recent graduate. When I got hired to work at Immersive Van Gogh Cleveland, I felt really blessed to find a job in my field and to work at a place that appreciates the arts. I feel that this was a great transition from getting my BFA in painting to working full time. Then I became the Artist-in-Residence for this wonderful job, and I felt honoured that I was chosen to represent van Gogh and his work. We celebrate the life of Vincent van Gogh by cherishing his paintings and I feel I do that when I am a host or painting at the venue. My favourite part about working here is talking about van Gogh’s life, and his paintings, with the guests and staff. Continue reading in issue No.8.

"Knowledge at Your Leisure" by Nick Lee

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