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Kellsie Moore - Denver

What inspiration do you get from artists around you?

I am constantly soaking in inspiration from artists around me. Some artists from the past — like van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Degas — but also contemporary artists that I find in some of my favourite galleries or on Instagram. I adore watching people’s processes and appreciating how different and unique our styles are. It’s beautiful how a dozen people can paint the same thing and you’ll get a dozen different expressions every time.

What inspiration do you get from artists around you?

The pandemic obviously forced change and a massive slow-down for most people, which in some ways dampened creativity and inspiration; however, it also allowed for a deeper awareness and stillness that opened the door for new ideas to come in. I actually used this time over the past couple of years to dive in and create more. It opened up a desire and commitment within me to take less unnecessary middle steps in my life and really begin creating at the level I want to be at now. Art cultivates connection, showcases beauty (which is subjective), discusses ideas, communicates meaning and reveals part of the human spirit in every brushstroke.

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“The Starry Rocky Mountains” by Kellsie Moore

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