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Performing Arts

2 - 9.72 Mischa Maisky - Courtesy of the artist.jpg

One of the foremost cellists of the 20th and 21st centuries

The celebrated cellist remains dedicated to expressive, evolving interpretations of the masterworks.

1. Static Channel - Photo by Talia Ricci.jpeg

On Building Immersive Cymatic Landscapes

From Espoo, Finland, and Valencia, Spain, Monika Hauck and Alex Ricci are the two halves of the performing duo.

1 - Blink Dance Theatre - Photo by Marcus Struzina.jpg

Three Companies Leading the Immersive Dance Revolution 

Can virtual reality and digital performance replace the proscenium stage? It’s only a matter of time (and creativity).

2b From Why Dance Matters_ Count Me In Masterclass with Kimberly Wang at Carnegie Hall.jpg

Seven Dance Podcasts You Need to Tune Into

Dance is healthy living, coaching, talking to industry professionals, and getting advice through great podcasts.

2. Barbara Hannigan - by Kalya Ramu.jpg

A Canadian Music Icon Wearing Multiple Hats on Stage

The genre-defining soprano and conductor on nurturing young artists and steering classical music through the 21st century.

1. Caroline Shaw by Ella Mazur.png

Make Small Good Things

The Pulitzer Prize-winning composer looks closely at oranges, traffic, and the beauty of the miniscule.

1. Tamara Lindeman - by Ella Mazur (1).png

On The Power of Radical Softness

Tamara Lindeman reflects on her latest album, climate activism, and the collective moment we’re in. 

3  _ Courtesy of LeTitle.jpeg
3  _ Courtesy of LeTitle.jpeg

An emerging dance company in Seoul

“Spatial characteristics such as narrow and winding alleys, the smell of old iron... made us want to express more than just dance.”

On Mitate - by Alicia Jungwirth.JPG

Blurring the line between performing arts and the art of living.

The key to Mitate is the appreciation of the mixture of objects, tools, utensils, people, cultures, and dialogues.

1. Basia Bulat - by Kalya Ramu (1).jpg

On Her Latest Album,
The Garden

The Canadian folk artist talks Montréal, motherhood, and finding new music in old lyrics.

3 _ Chios (c) Sokratis Baltagiannis.jpeg

Meet “Little” Amal, the 3.5 metre puppet.

 A giant puppet of a refugee child that walked 8,000km across Europe, inspiring fresh, innovative artistic excellence.

1 _ Adam Sōmu Wojciński.jpeg

Open-air Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony instructor, Adam Sōmu Wojciński, reflects on the evolution of the Japanese tea ceremony.

4 _ Filmed production, Complicité’s Can I Live_ with Fehinti Balogun. Photography by Ali W

Actor, playwright, poet, and the creator of Can I Live?

Fehinti Balogun fuses personal experience, scientific fact and theatre to and expose privilege within environmental activism.

Hayao Miyazaki Photo by Nicolas Guerin _edited.jpg

Designing the Hayao Miyazaki exhibit at The Academy Museum.

“Miyazaki believes that his films already exist somewhere... he’s just kind of channeling them into real films.”

Storm Trooper Costume on Display from Disney California Adventure - Photo Credit Rebecca J

Enter the Showstoppers! costume exhibit.

 Journey through the Showstoppers! maze of costumes and the craftsmanship required to build these extraordinary works of art.

4 _ MarkAdamo_DanielWelch_2021_1001_web_edited.jpg

A busy year for the celebrated composer and librettist.

Reflecting on everything from his cello concerto, to climate change, to collaborating with his husband John Corigliano.

Lucas Debargue - by Kalya Ramu.jpg

A Virtuoso Challenges the Status Quo Caption

Debargue shares his infectious enthusiasm for taking audiences on a journey beyond the mainstream masterworks. 

Anthony Barfield by Ella Mazur.png

Barfield discusses barriers, collaborators, and his earned ambition.

“I don't really see too many people occupying the space that are...combining classical with what we know as the hip-hop idiom.”

2 _ Paola Prestini Promo Photo 8, credit Erika Harrsch.jpeg

On Collaboration, Community, and Technology

The celebrated composer joins smART Magazine to discuss her latest project and the allure of multi-platform works.

Mazur - Emily D'Angelo 2.png

A Mezzo-Soprano with a Curatorial Flair

D’Angelo spoke with us about curation, artistic integrity, and the communicative powers of technology.


The Juilliard bassoonist on how she found the magic of Stravinsky. 

“Every person will react in a different way upon listening... The important thing is that you felt something at all.”

Atom Egoyan.png

The filmmaker joins us for an interview

“I have these two modes. The private mode is fine with the current situation because when I’m writing, I am in lockdown..."

Website - Guillaume Côté by Ella Mazur.png

Guillaume Côté X Lighthouse Immersive

“It’s not always easy to make sure that dance triumphs because it is the most fragile of theart forms.”

Website 1 - Toby Olié by Michael Wharley CROPPED.png

The British puppeteer is redefining the creative potential of the art form.

From inside his whimsical Waterloo workshop space, Olié creates puppets for the stage that they take on a life of their own.

Website_ Camille Thomas - Illustration by Ella Mazur.png

The cellist on the roof: finding hope in high-up places

“I was so touched to see that the music, that this view of Paris... could bring people so much joy.”

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