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Nico Amortegui


2. Installation view, Ken Lum_ Death and Furniture, Art Gallery of Ontario. Artworks © Ken

Art by Nico Amortegui

Nico Amortegui

sM | How do you think this program fits into the artist community in Charlotte?

NA ── The AiR Program fits into the local artist community by involving local artists throughout many aspects of the exhibition itself. Certainly through the artists in residence program, but also through the wayfinding elements and signage murals, which were done by local artists here in Charlotte. Even the speed hump outside the entrance was decorated with sunflowers, announcing to visitors that they had arrived at the venue! It also allowed artists to connect with a broader audience by providing the opportunity to interact with art patrons from the greater region.

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sM | What did you accomplish in your residency?

NA ── The biggest accomplishment for me personally was being able to work in a very unique environment. Admittedly, I am accustomed to my studio space and solo time, but this experience allowed me to create outside my comfort zone, which I think is always beneficial to learning and growing. I created pieces based on the moment and the people in front of me. It was a truly ‘neat’ space to work and create—and literally being alongside the other resident artists felt like a little community.

sM | What advice would you give to future artists in residence?

NA ── My advice is to create a set-up that is inviting and eye-catching, so that people want to come over and say hello and, maybe, even want to talk about your art once they feel welcomed into the fold. Secondly, go in with the mindset that it’s like an Open House to your art. People can look at art all day long but having the opportunity to talk about your work is what makes them see the art beyond the surface. It’s helpful to mentally prepare a few description-type statements and messages about your art, with the goal of connecting with new art fans and supporters. As artists, we can always use more supporters!

IG: @nico_malo1

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