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Jackelin Aguirre

LAS VEGAS — AiR TOUR — Issue 9

2. Installation view, Ken Lum_ Death and Furniture, Art Gallery of Ontario. Artworks © Ken

"Vincent van Gogh” by Jackelin Aguirre

Jackelin Aguirre

sM | What were some of the highlights of your residency?

JA ── During my residency I accomplished beyond what I had envisioned. I was able to create both van Gogh-inspired pieces and pieces that are true to my own art style, which is portraiture in watercolour. I also had the opportunity to network and meet incredible people who appreciate art as much as I do. I accomplished selling original pieces, as well as prints, and overall put myself out there as a local artist in the city of Las Vegas. Lastly, I acknowledged my own talent and skill in a way that lets me see open doors in the future and all the great things that come with being an artist.

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sM | What inspiration do you get from artists around you?

JA ── I am inspired by people as a whole because I believe that we all are unique and that there is beauty in deviance. So when it comes to artists and self-expression, I’m inspired by how artists are not afraid to express themselves to the fullest extent and that they are able to put that expression and uniqueness into their art. I enjoy drawing people and seeing how other artists can turn a face into a story by adding different expressions, or by using specific colour palettes, is very inspiring to me and it helps me become a better artist in return.

sM | How has the pandemic transformed your mission as an artist, and priorities as a creative?

JA ── The pandemic brought forth a lot of spare time for most of us and that includes creatives. Although it might have been difficult to be inspired and motivated to create overall, it has transformed the way I view art as a whole. Art comes in many different forms and all my life up until this point I had been using traditional art, such as drawing and painting on paper, but now as we are progressing through the pandemic, I’ve found more appreciation for the digital art world. It has given me the drive to become a part of that world, thus making it a priority to learn how to create digitally while still using traditional art as training wheels to help me excel in this new creative endeavour.

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