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Colleen Hennessy

DENVER — AiR TOUR — Issue 9

2. Installation view, Ken Lum_ Death and Furniture, Art Gallery of Ontario. Artworks © Ken

Art by Colleen Hennessy

Colleen Hennessy

sM | How do you think this artist-in-residence program fits into the artist community in Denver?

CH ── As a Denver native, I have observed growing artist opportunities because of this exhibit. The Lighthouse Immersive residency experience is a unique and very special one. Many galleries here come and go, have very high rent to pay, and artists often have to pay to hang work in their space, which leaves out many talented artists due to finances. The Lighthouse Immersive exhibit is a beautiful opportunity for people to enjoy the work of famous artists, such as Vincent van Gogh and Frida

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Kahlo, and our local artists as well. Hopefully it will inspire people to visit other venues and support local artists on a regular basis.

sM | What do you find most exciting about the current atmosphere in Denver's visual arts community?

CH ── The Mile High City has a vibrant creative community, with neighbourhoods being rejuvenated and galleries popping up all over Denver. I love driving past all the murals, attending openings, and meeting new artists. Our city has stepped up with monetary aid, such as the Urban Arts Fund for murals. There are a lot of creative outlets here. We have numerous arts organisations, opportunities, and venues for taking classes.

sM | What inspiration do you get from artists around you?

CH ── I love to make photographs of architecture, faces, and landscapes and work on a couple of pieces simultaneously. I come from a photography background, and looking at other photographers’ and painters’ works often generates ideas. It is great to see how different artists approach the same subject. Other artists’ work can be a wonderful way to learn, get inspired, get ideas, honour an influence you love, and create something new. All art is a mashup of ideas, and we can all influence one another, so long as we are creating and sharing from a place of honesty and transparency.

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