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Lighthouse Immersive creates, produces and distributes innovative digital immersive art experiences through its experiential entertainment multiplex digital art galleries, aiming to cultivate community and creativity through large-scale events and exhibitions of all art forms. Lighthouse Immersive offers versatile spaces for creators to present their work while engaging audiences in unique art experiences that encourage dialogue and inspire new artistic creations. 


Lighthouse Immersive has produced the world premiere of Immersive Van Gogh, Immersive Frida Kahlo and Immersive Klimt: Revolution to more than 21 North American cities. Recognized as the leader in immersive art experiences, Lighthouse Immersive custom-designs each of their venues, named Lighthouse ArtSpace, to distinctly envelop the various architectural settings they inhabit, it operates galleries in a range of historic venues including refurbished industrial and retail spaces.


Since 2021, the company has opened, or is opening, 21 new galleries in North American cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston and Denver, and is currently expanding into additional markets. To date, Lighthouse Immersive has sold over 5 million tickets to Immersive Van Gogh across North America, with Artnet calling it “one of the largest coordinated art phenomena of all time.”


Meet The Team


Jun Yang_edited.jpg

Lighthouse Immersive launches Artist in Residence program

“It was unique dealing directly with the public as you need to feel very comfortable and confident with yourself.” 


Meet Kelsey Sewell

I am the lead Project Coordinator on Lighthouse Immersive’s Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program across all North American venues. The AiR program is an additional immersive component to the artistic experience at Lighthouse Artscape venues presenting the Immersive Van Gogh, Immersive Klimt Revolution, and Frida: Immersive Dream exhibits. The program is designed to include and invigorate local arts and culture in each city, highlighting and promoting local artists alongside the globally celebrated artists presented by Lighthouse Immersive. The flexibility of the residency invites the artist to interpret each exhibit’s theme through their own local and personal lenses. The artists paint live at the exhibit and so it’s just incredible seeing attendees engage with artists and vice versa. I think it’s a great opportunity to put the spotlight on local arts communities and offers opportunities for artists to express themselves in a completely devoted way that isn’t always available to them.  The AiR program presents artists with the chance to interact with hundreds of exhibit attendees daily, sharing their creative process, and selling their artwork at the retail space.

To find more information, and to submit an application, visit Lighthouse Immersive’s AiR page.

1. Craig Blackmoore.jpg
1. Tessa LeBaron - Photo by Manda Specht.jpg
1. Penelope Spyratos.jpg

Penelope Spyratos | Las Vegas

1. Paola Reyes Melendez.jpg

Tessa LeBaron | Cleveland

Paola Reyes Melendez | San Francisco

1. Xtna d_Luna.jpg

Xtna d’Luna | Denver

1. Kate O_Donnell.jpg
1. Nina Stewart.jpg

Nina Stewart | Denver

1. Destiny Bailey.jpg

Kate O’Donnell | Minneapolis

Destiny Bailey | Las Vegas

1. Jonathan Justo Avila.jpg

Jonathan Justo Avila | Las Vegas

2. Jackelin Aguirre.jpg

Jackelin Aguirre | Las Vegas

Margaret Vergara.jpg

Margaret Vergara | Minneapolis

Nick Lee.jpg

Nick Lee | Cleveland

Pablo Gonzalez_edited.jpg

Pablo Gonzalez | Las Vegas

Noor Adwan.jpg

Noor Adwan | Minneapolis

Eric Ndelo - Courtesy of the Artist.jpeg

Macfly Fresh Print | Charlotte

Nico Amortegui.jpg
2 _ Kaylin Marcotte _ Courtesy of Jiggy Puzzles.jpeg
2. Colleen Hennessy.jpg
1. Ava Lambert.jpg

Colleen Hennessy | Denver

Ava Lambert | Minneapolis

1. Kellsie Moore - Photo by Erika Arlee.png
Kasey Kania .jpg
 Erik Schlobohm.jpg

Erik Schlobohm | Denver

Kellsie Moore | Denver

Kasey Kania | Cleveland

Nico Amortegui | Charlotte

Jiggy Puzzles | New York



Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 3.36.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 10.58.07 AM.png


11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg


Following meteoric rise in North America, the Canadian company embarks on its international immersive journey

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

Tony Taylor

Toronto artist with a unique take on portraiture

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg


Open Your Eyes to the Humanity, Audacity, and Mexicanity

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

Lan Florence Yee

Destabilising Chinatown Narratives with Text and Embroidery

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

Boulevard Arts: Elizabeth L. Reede

"There's a little bit of something for everyone."

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

Immersive Klimt Revolution

A visit to the new Lighthouse Immersive Exhibit

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

IVG Producer Corey Ross

Founder of Starvox Entertainment; co-founder of Lighthouse Immersive

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

A Very Fine Art

Showcasing the female perspective within the tattoo industry.

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

The Italian Team

Leaders of the Immersive Revolution

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

Presenting Touch

Guillaume Côté X Lighthouse Immersive

11.21 _ 13. Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdière.jpg

Mikhail Baryshnikov

How can something as active as dance be contained in a still?

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