by Vik Hovanisian

bluemouth inc.

“Our mission is to create a unique experience for adventurous audiences in alternative spaces. It takes place in anywhere from an old warehouse, to a barber shop, to a funeral parlour.”


Lucy Simic
and Stephen O'Connell
by Jeremy Lewis

The true theatre, because it moves and makes use of living instruments, continues to stir up shadows where life has never ceased to grope its way. (…) To break through language in order to touch life is to create or recreate the theatre; the essential thing is not to believe that this act must remain sacred, meaning set apart…. This leads to the rejection of the usual limitations of man and man’s power, and infinitely extends the frontiers of what is called reality.” 


Expressed by Antonin Artaud, these words have since 1998 been given life in the spellbinding creations of bluemouth inc. performance collective. Challenging the levels of interaction between performers and audience, the collective creates site-specific performances by knitting together choreographed movement, text, visual media, immersive sound design, original live music, video, and film to create experiences in alternative spaces. 

Every creation by the collective is an immersion into a new world, each with its specific atmosphere, colors, sounds, scents, notes and forms, where the artist is a thousand characters in one. As a deep and pure immersion into life – with its surprises and challenges – the creations of the collective awaken the senses and extend them beyond the frontiers of our realities, questioning our era in its time and its space, its human and its natural boundaries.

With one foot on either side of the border, the award-winning company and its founding members (Stephen O’Connell, Lucy Simic, Ciara Adams, Sabrina Reeves, Richard Windeyer) have their roots in New York City, Toronto, and Montreal. Their new piece, Elephant, is available for streaming. I have the pleasure of welcoming Lucy Simic and Stephen O’Connell for an IN FOCUS conversation for smART Magazine.

Lucy Simic
and Stephen O'Connell
by Jeremy Lewis


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