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TEXTILES: Laura Rokas

How can galleries make more space for less conventional media?


FEB 24, 2023 | ISSUE 11

“Self portrait”, 2022 by Laura Rokas

Combining patience, persistence, and patches, Montréal-born artist Laura Rokas’s multi-media artworks exemplify a new body of contemporary slow art. Creating each piece stitch-by-stitch, patch by meticulously embroidered patch, the production process of her detailed works often takes years. As an artist who enjoys compiling and communicating through minute detail, Rokas was naturally drawn to mediums that cultivate experimentation in textures, especially ceramics and textiles. Her remix of symbols and themes drawn from iconic 1990s marketing, literature, and science fiction quaintly usurps the expectations of the traditional mediums she has embraced. Through her quilts, handwoven tapestries, sculptures, and paintings, Laura participates in exhibitions and public art displays in Canada and the United States. Speaking with smART Magazine, Rokas calls on curators of international museums and galleries to expand their perspectives to engage diverse and non-commercial artists working in atypical mediums...