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Delali Cofie

Towards a new visual perspective on the global African diaspora


FEB 23, 2023 | ISSUE 11

Delali Cofie

Delali Cofie is a storyteller. As a Ghananian-Nigerian photographer currently studying and living in Toronto, Cofie’s work connects the essence to the image via panoramic visual storytelling. Working primarily with analogue photography, Cofie’s method of artmaking is, in of itself, a link back to West African Studio photography stylization from the 1950-1980s. His perspective centers real people, backgrounded by civil architecture, natural lighting, nature, and quotidian life. In growing his practice, Cofie is also learning to use his voice in how to direct the storytelling narrative of his photography more strongly. A Place of Ours (2022), Cofie’s most intimate collection, showcases his emerging vision of African identities. Featured in Toronto’s CONTACT Photography Festival in 2022, A Place of Ours is a multi-layered exploration of what home means to the artist and to those far away from it. The new decade holds much promise for Cofie’s work, as he continues to search with his lens for the focal point of humanity in an increasingly technological world, creating space for the local and the international, the native and the diasporic.

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