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COLLAGE: Hanoch Piven

“To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.”


FEB 24, 2023 | ISSUE 11

KM by Hanoch Piven

For artist, educator, and creative investigator Hanoch Piven, art is an unmatchable means of communication. This belief in art as a vehicle for dialogue is reflected variously in his collages, caricatures, and workshops. By engaging with people who are new or “inexperienced” in the world of art creation, Piven’s work opens the opportunity for difficult dialogues among and between communities. From a genie lamp for a nose to a delicious bread beard, his style frees observers and creators alike from traditional art aesthetics, while fostering a joyful sense of wonder and newfound perspectives on everyday objects. In conversation with Piven, he shares how his work and practice as a creator, and as a Seeds of Peace fellow, has evolved from a place of self-rigidity and expectation to openness and freedom. Meditating perpetually on connecting and communicating beyond the written word, Piven likewise speaks to how creative work is an exercise in observation, and art is an open invitation to play, feel, and simply be human together...