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Chet Tilokani

“My role also has a caveat of staying out of the way of the story as much as possible.”


FEB 27, 2023 | ISSUE 11

"Blue Tone" by Chet Tilokani

Toronto-based multimedia artist Chet Tilokani resists creative conformity, instead allowing his interest in various art forms to intersect with and inspire one another. His visual art is equal parts bold and precise, attending to how the interplay of light, shadow, and colour forms an artistic narrative. Skilled in drawing and painting, Tikolani is perhaps better known as a photographer and cinematographer; so much so that his 2019 project, Bit Playas, earned him a nomination for Best Cinematography at the T.O. Webfest. His work spans genres of music videos, commercials, fashion shoots, and short films─most notably, I Thought I Told You to Shut Up!! (2015), winner of the Best Documentary Short Film at the American Short Film Awards. His latest credited project, short film Blueberries for Iris — also featured in this magazine — is set for release in 2023.

Born in New Delhi, Tilokani immigrated to Canada with his parents at the age of two, and went on to graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production. With an artistic spirit that finds expression in various visual mediums, Tilokani’s reflections on his process are themselves