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Between Pheasants Contemporary

Fowl play is encouraged in this unique gallery experience


FEB 26, 2023 | ISSUE 11

Between Pheasants Contemporary Courtesy of the Gallery

Beginning as a passion project for Alexander Rondeau, Between Pheasants Contemporary (BPC) is a thriving one-of-a-kind display space for artists and curators across all stages of their careers. BPC’s function is exactly as its name presents: art installed in a pheasant coop, with or without the pheasants present. Many artists choose to take advantage of this unique opportunity to share their exhibit with the coop’s feathered residents, allowing the curious hens to live among (and possibly interact with) their work. The building has a charmingly unassuming appearance, with its symmetrical window boxes and board and batten siding that provide only a little hint of the arts programming within.

Nestled on a farm in rural Northern Ontario, BPC offers contemporary art discourse amid a practical, functional farm. Artworks are fastened to chicken wire and hung from wooden beams, each show is accompanied by well-considered statements, and the small exhibition space feels as polished as any urban white cube. With a curatorial mission of championing the emerging and underrepresented, the work displayed in this unorthodox space is selected for its thoughtfulness...