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Michael Zarathus-Cook by Jaden Tsan

Welcome to Issue No.11

of smART Magazine


Friends, thank you for joining us in another global roundtable of artful conversations. Issue 11 — 1NTERSECT1ONS is inspired by the spaces where art forms intersect, where aesthetic trends collide, and where artistic vision converges with social mission. Growing up in Toronto – a city that’s renowned for the strict grid on which its neighbourhoods are distributed – I’ve always found our intersections more fascinating than the streets that form them. Similarly, from the perspective of an immigrant to Canada, it is the blend of different cultures that provides the most fertile ground for creative innovations and artistic experimentation. With a broad and comprehensive survey of the visual and performing arts, smART Magazine likewise reflects this utmost regard for the many avenues through which one artistic tradition can bisect another. 


“I have all these dualities: the soft, the hard. Hope, angst. East, west. Electronic, acoustic. Young, old. Life, death. It’s a balance. The intersection is just that spectrum.” Aiko Tomi, page 101


Our exploration of that spectrum begins with a French photographer in search of American landscapes while capturing the faces of Hollywood (p.7), and ends in a deeply effusive conversation with the Poet Laureate of Oregon (p.163). Along the way, we traverse various creative landscapes and make pit stops in nine interview series. In CLOSE UP, one of Canada’s most celebrated directors, Xavier Dolan, speaks to us about his first foray into TV (p.71). In STUDIO SESSIONS, we invite a Buffalo-based designer to curate his Top 10 list of books on design (p.13). In MATERIALS, artist Raluca Buzura joins us

from Spain’s Tortosa to find the junction of fashion  design and ceramic art (p.30). In SPACES, we take a close look at the U.K.’s notorious Just Stop Oil protests and how galleries have been bracing for the next bucket of paint (p.47). We touch down in HUBS & HUDDLES for Québec City’s premier performance centre, Le Diamant (p.105). In THE smART ENSEMBLE, we update our classical music dream team with the likes of cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason (p.132) and composer Bryce Dessner (p.127). The conversation continues in our Arts & Letters section with incisive essays and vivisections of various topics at the nexus of sociocultural innovations and artistic expression.

You are invited to join us at this crosswalk and join in on the crosstalk between visual artists, musicians, writers, arts administrators, cultural leaders, illustrators, editors, and the long etcetera of creative talents that make each one of our issues possible. Be it on your coffee table or in your travel bag, we are grateful to be a part of your artistic journey and the expansion of your aesthetic horizon. Our mission is simply to deliver for you where the algorithms fall short, by providing a bespoke selection of artists that inspire us to embrace the tremendous variety of the life around us. 


From my desk to yours,

Michael Zarathus-Cook

Toronto, Canada

February 2023

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